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Rachel Jeske profile photo

Family, Controls Design, and Crafts

Rachel Jeske is a successful leader in the mechanical contracting industry, a mother of four, and an active craftswoman. Throughout her career at TOTAL Mechanical, Rachel advanced from working as a...

Amy Ignatosky

Bridging the Gender Gap in Construction

Amy Ignotosky shares her story on how to succeed as a construction engineer.

Netia McCray, founder of the STEM education non-profit, Mbadika

Netia Opens Doors for STEM Students

Netia McCray is the Founder and Executive Director of a STEM education non-profit, Mbadika.

5 Successful Women in STEM who Inspire

5 Women in STEM Who Inspire

Throughout history, women have advanced our world with numerous contributions to the progress of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. However, they still remain heavily underrepresent...

Sarah Minnix photo

Sarah Minnix Puts Her Mark On Fashion

Sarah is the ultimate trendsetter and a fashion Go-Getter who inspires us to be more creative and fashion-forward in this interview.

Mikell Taylor of Amazon Robotics

Mikell Taylor The Robot Whisperer

Mikell is a distinguished robotics engineer, entrepreneur, mother, and total badass. She's a Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon Robotics.

Xena has EH-rated & SD-rated women's steel-toe shoes

EH & SD Rated Safety Shoes

We talk about the difference between SD and EH certified steel-toe shoes and boots. Xena designed both tyles for women everywhere!

Hayley Albright

Leading the Club of Female Motorcyclists

Meet our team-member Hayley Albright, a motorcyclist, and co-founder of the all-woman riding club in Detroit, The Dahlias.

Tracy Carson at JCP Construction

Navigating the Construction World

Tracy Carson works as an assistant project manager for JCP-Construction and was recently recognized for her accomplishments.

Karen Robinson

From MIT to Building Soft Robots

Karen Robinson is an engineer and silicon valley entrepreneur aiming to take high-tech robotics to the next level.