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Anastasia Kraft

Workwear Promoting Equality

I started this company out of my own frustration, working in a manufacturing environment for many years where the only options were ugly, bulky work boots. What you wear has a major impact on your ...

Lauren Fryan

A Gifted Fashion Designer and Tactician

Lauren Fryan is a senior fashion product designer with diverse industry expertise, infinite wisdom, and rare talents.

Haleyanne Freedman 3D Printing

Haleyanne Freedman a 3D-Printing Expert

Haleyanne Freedman is a Global 3D Printing Market Manager and Engineering Consultant for M. Holland Company.

Sally Shepard

Sally Shepard Dreams of Broadway

Sally Shepard is an event technician for BML Blackbird in New York City working toward her big break on Broadway. 

Camille Oakes

Camille Oakes A True Safety Professional

Camille Oakes of Atlanta, GA, is a safety professional with 13 years of experience. We met Camille at the ASSP Safety Conference in New Orleans where she delivered an inspirational presentation en...

Nerissa Cerny on her chopper

Nerissa Builds Bikes and Confidence

Nerissa Cerny is an accomplished Calibration & Emissions Engineer at Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee and a mentor to girls in STEM.

Abby Ferri

Smart, Humble, and Involved

Abby Ferri is a certified safety professional with 16+ years of experience. She holds countless titles, accomplishments, and is involved everywhere!

Anastasia Kraft the founder and CEO of Xena Workwear
stylish steel-toes

Ana's Idea Comes To Life Through Xena

What image comes to mind when you hear the words, “safety shoes?" If you’re like most people, then you probably pictured a bulky hiking-boot style behemoth of a shoe. It performs its one function (...