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Ana Kraft Founder & CEO

Working as a project engineer Ana was frustrated by the lack of professional personal protective equipment (PPE) available to women in demanding industries. She decided to develop versatile workwear so that we never have to make a choice between function and fashion again.

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What We Do

Safety Footwear

Ana believes that women are both beautiful and strong. She hated wearing her work boots that had a bulky masculine appearance and offered a poor fit.  So she decided to do something about it.

Ana pushed the boundaries of design to create beautiful forms that don’t compromise on function. Xena safety boots are both beauty and the beast. They address real pain points of women across industries. Each pair is ASTM certified and has been handcrafted to give you a confident walk that’s one-of a kind.

Workwear Apparel

Just do a quick online search for women’s work apparel and you’ll find countless pieces from designer brands that look great, but don’t offer much else. You’ll also find rugged brands that make functional work gear with looks that don't exactly inspire professional confidence.

But what if you want both? Where is our la femme James Bond suit with the looks and goods to kill? Ana set-out to engineer a line of stylish workwear apparel that is full of innovative features. Xena workwear apparel is infinitely versatile to help modern women move freely.

Meet The Team

Our team hails from the heartbeat of America, from the great Midwest. We believe in the power of hard work and a warm smile. So come say hi and catch up with us over a warm coffee on a dark winter’s night!

Our Values

The Spotlight