Frequently Asked Questions

Gravity Classic: True-to-Size
Gravity+ SD: This model runs a 1/2 size small. We recommend ordering your Gravity+ SD in a 1/2 size larger than the shoes/boots that you normally wear
Omega EH: True-to-Size
Our steel-toe shoes are all ASTM certified and OSHA compliant. They also comply with the CSA standards, but we have not sent them for official CSA certification yet.

· Gravity+ SD model has an official Electrostatic Dissipative Rating (SD/ESD)
· Omega EH model has an official Electrical Hazard Rating (EH)
You have the following domestic shipping options when placing your order:
· Free Standard Shipping (3-8 days)
· FedEx / UPS Ground (1-5 days)
· FedEx / UPS (2-Day)
· FedEx / UPS Priority Overnight (next-day)
· International standard shipping is also available

*Above timeline are for regular orders. Each Pre-Order is unique and delivery time will vary. Please refer to estimated timelines that we list on the products page
Our full-grain leather takes 3-5 days to break-in. If you feel initial discomfort, you can wear them around the house for a few hours each day to see how the leather molds to your foot after 3-5 days. Please avoid taking your Xenas to work until then. Unfortunately, we cannot salvage used booties and it really hurts us if your Xenas come-back in bad shape 😔
We fundamentally do NOT endorse fast fashion and want to make sure your Xenas last a long time. With that in mind, here are our Self-Care Tips:
    • Make sure to clean your shoes of any dirt or other sediment before it dries
    • Our Liverpool leather is not 100% water resistant and if you find yourself regularly coming in contact with liquids, then we recommend to protect your Xenas with a waterproofing spray or Mink Oil
    • Apply a Shoe Cream to maintain luster and shine
Fear not! We believe in providing you with the best customer service which includes worry-free exchanges and returns. Please just help to make sure your Xenas look new and aren’t worn at job sites or outdoors. Unfortunately, we cannot salvage used booties and it really hurts our team if you send Xenas back in bad shape 😔

To initiate an exchange or return simply email us at

We also have a fancy return policy page on our site!
We use LWG-certified full-grain leather to make your beautiful shoes (one of the most durable materials in footwear manufacturing). You might see some scratches after extensive use but those can be treated with shoe cream and polish. Our current leather is not 100% water resistant. We're researching for ways to develop a water-resistant option in 2020 that will be just as beautiful and rugged as our current styles.
OSHA, ASTM, and ANSI do not have official regulations for heel heights of safety footwear. Companies can choose to adopt the global standard of 60mm (2.36"), prescribed by the CSA Group or they can choose to write their own rules. We've conducted a case study that shows how companies often have outdated heel height policies that can be discriminatory toward women.

While companies have no legal obligation to change their ways we encourage you to share our study with your HR department to see what they may be able to do in an effort to break the status quo.
ADD TO CART: Your shoes are in stock and your beautiful Xenas will arrive depending on the shipping option that you selected!

PRE ORDERS: Since we're still a small startup we have to be lean when placing large manufacturing orders. During the launch of new products and when popular sizes are sold out we will mark them with a PRE ORDER button. You can still reserve your Xenas by placing a PRE ORDER and we will deliver them when they become available.

UNLISTED: We have been working nonstop to develop sizes that accommodate the needs of most women, including a size 13 that will come out in Q1. Please accept our apologies if your specific size is still missing from our list. We're a young start-up and hope to accommodate you in the future. Send us a note to and we'll track your special request.
So the short answer is YES! ASTM F2412 refers to a "standard test methods for foot protection" and it outlines how a professional laboratory needs to test their shoes. So our shoes are certified at laboratories using the F2412 methods. Safety shoes that pass the tests get a F2413 certification - which our shoes are! ASNI Z41 is a retired safety standard that is very rarely referenced anymore but just in case you come across it, this article from ASTM should clear up any confusion!
Yes it is. While we love our incredibly soft, anti-microbial, friction-resistant, air-flow insole, we completely understand that you may want to customize yours. The good news is that you can absolutely do so!

--IMPORTANT-- if you wish to retain the Static Dissipative properties of your shoes, we do NOT recommend using a different insole from the one that came with your shoes!
Our Gravity Classic model has a more slender fit. We've addressed this limitation and made sure that the Gravity+ SD and the Omega EH feature a wider toecap that should comfortably accommodate regular and wide feet.

Please remember that new leather can take 3-5 days to break-in. Please refer to our Q below on how to properly break-in your steel-toes.

Finally, if your fit is still not quite right, please send us a note to
We've already developed and size 12 available for all of our products. Size 13, however, has proven to be a lot more tricky. The good news is that we're close to solving the problem and are planning to make a Gravity Classic size 13 available in Q1!
Most steel-toe safety shoes and boots have a heel of over 1" to help make walking safer and more comfortable (lowers heel impact, improves stance & posture, creates a barrier against objects). We're not currently working on a design without a heel, but we will be considering this style for future development.
Yes they are. We're working to develop and release a Metatarsal MT-certified style in late 2020.
Unfortunately, if we put a composite toe in our shoes then they will lose their stylish shape becoming just as bulky and masculine as all the others on the market. We’re in the investigative stage of looking for an innovative partner who can help design the first-ever elegant composite toe that would pass rigorous safety testing. In order to provide you with the highest quality product that’s stylish and safe, we need to take our time and cannot promise that this style will come out soon. We'll be sure to update all of our email subscribers regarding all future developments!