Frequently Asked Questions

Yes indeed. We wrote out a fancy return policy and everything!
For starters, we're very sorry to hear that your company has these internal rules... But the GREAT news is that yes, we absolutely will be releasing an amazingly stylish design, featuring a 1" heel. In fact, we're already working on it and hope to have it ready in late Summer 2019! (Fun Fact - there are exactly zero OSHA regulations regarding heel height)
So the short answer is YES! ... but we'll get technical just in case: So in the first case, ASTM F2412 refers to "standard test methods for foot protection" and it outlines how a professional laboratory needs to test the shoes. Safety shoes themselves are not F2412 certified ...rather they are F2413 certified, using F2412 methods - which our shoes are! Regarding ASNI Z41, this is a retired standard that is very rarely referenced anymore but just in case you come across it, this article from ASTM should clear up any confusion
We are in fact extremely motivated to do just that. The next design will feature a low heel (1") and ankle coverage of at least 6" from the ground up. We think you'll absolutely love it!
Ladies, you've really thrown down the gauntlet with this request ........and yet, challenge accepted! We don't have a release date and it might be in Q4 2019 or early 2020, but we will definitely make this happen for you!
In true startup fashion, our first order was lean but the next production run will feature all half sizes from 6.5 through 10.5
We've already figured out a size 12 option and it should be available with our next production run (July-ish). Size 13 is trickier as it requires us to find an appropriately-sized toe-cap but we are on it!
We completely understand the need for wide-sized options - all feet should be comfy :) Although we don't have the ability to offer a wide version at this time, this has made it onto the development list!
We are working fast to release our next design, which will be ESD certified - targeting end of Summer 2019 for release!
While we love our incredibly soft, anti-microbial insole, we completely understand that folks might want to customize their "insole experience" and the good news is that you can absolutely do so!
We "could" put a composite toe in our shoes but then they would look just as bulky as all other shoes on the market. If it is possible to engineer a shoe that is both fashionable and uses composite material, we will figure it out and do it - we promise.