We guarantee each and every Xena product that we make. Period.

Our goal is to only offer the best quality products. Despite our best efforts, sometimes a rogue pair of shoes slip through our rigorous quality control protocols and onto your feet. In the rare case that this happens, rest assured that your purchase is backed by the following warranty:

  • We are committed to ensuring that every pair of shoes we make is free from manufacturing and material defects for six (6) months from the day you buy them

  • If within 6 months of purchase, your shoes should fail due to a defect of workmanship, we will ship you a new pair along with a heartfelt apology

  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage from use, discoloration, tears, accidents, or normal material breakdown expected over the life of the product

  • We will only be able to offer a replacement pair of shoes under this warranty program (no refunds)

Thank you for your support of our brand - we promise not to disappoint.