Xena Warranty

Our goal is to give you the best quality safety products that pass rigorous quality control and certification testing. However, since each shoe is handcrafted there can be a rare anomaly. That’s why we back all of our steel-toe shoes and boots with this comprehensive 6-month warranty.

Xena Warranty covers any manufacturing, workmanship, or material defects on any of our models for 6-months after your purchase. We'll cover all shipping costs and provide you with a replacement pair of Xenas for the full 6-months after your purchase date.

Normal wear and tear is expected over the lifespan of safety footwear. Xena warranty does not cover deterioration that happens over time: leather discoloration, wrinkles, worn-down outsoles and insoles. Our warranty also does not cover any accidental damage sustained to the shoes.

Please contact us with any questions at support@xenaworkwear.com or 414-367-8424.

-Xena Team