Fusion Mt Safety Boot


Fusion Mt is the world's first stylish Metatarsal steel-toe safety boot. Its innovative design features an internal met-guard made out of flexible open-cell foam that hardens upon sudden impact. Each boot is handcrafted using beautiful full-grain and matte suede leather. The Fusion Mt looks so good and feels so comfortable, that you’ll want to wear it everywhere. Fits most narrow-to-wide feet.*

‣ ASTM Certified & OSHA Compliant
‣ Internal Metatarsal Guard (ASTM Mt 75)
‣ Impact & Compression Resistant (I/75 C/75)
‣ Oil & Chemical Resistant Outsole
‣ Slip-Resisting Outsole (Dry & Wet Surfaces)

‣ Lightweight & Flexible Design
‣ Made for Women by Women
‣ Almond Shaped Steel Toe Cap
‣ Comfortable Ankle Padding
‣ Breathable Lining
‣ Antimicrobial Insole

‣ LWG Certified Full-Grain Leather
‣ Matte Suede Leather
‣ Durable YKK Zipper
‣ Premium Decorative Buckle
‣ Midnight Black Style
‣ Handcrafted in North America

*Go 1/2 size up for a regular fit -OR- 1 size up for a wide fit

    Color: Midnight Black
    Reserve now. Will ship before Christmas (mid-Dec)

    If you think that traditional steel-toes look bulky and offer a poor fit for women, then you should see the limited options in the Metatarsal segment. A quick search reveals the extent of the problem facing professional women who need to wear safety shoes with Mt protection. After receiving many requests for change, we decided to do something about it.

    The development process was daunting. It is relatively easy to slap an armor plate on top of a boot, but how on earth do you incorporate a met guard with a protective toe cap into a sleek design that doesn’t make the boot heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable? After over a year of secrecy we are proud to bring it to life.

    The Fusion Mt Safety Boot features an innovative design with an Internal Metatarsal Guard (ASTM Mt 75) that is integrated with the steel-toe cap. The met guard is made out of an open-cell foam material that stays soft and flexible at rest but will instantly harden to form a protective shield when exposed to sudden impact.

    Our stunning Midnight Black style uses beautiful LWG certified full-grain and matte suede leather. The decorative buckle and blackout YKK zipper compliment its fashionable aesthetic. The Fusion Mt Safety Boot looks so good and feels so comfortable, that you’ll want to wear it everywhere.

    ASTM F2413-18 Certified OSHA Compliant
    ASTM Certified (F2413-18)
    OSHA Compliant
    Metatarsal Guard (Mt 75)
    Internal Metatarsal Guard
    (ASTM Mt 75)
    Impact & Compression Resistant (I/75 C/75 Steel-Toe)
    Impact & Compression Resistant
    (I/75 C/75 Steel-Toe)
    Dual-Density Slip Resisting Outsole (Dry and Wet Surfaces)
    Dual-Density Slip Resisting Outsole
    (Dry and Wet Surfaces)
    Oil & Chemical Resistant (ASTM D471)
    Oil & Chemical Resistant
    (ASTM D471)
    Lightweight Design
    Lightweight & Flexible Design
    For Women by Women
    Breathable Mesh Lining (Air-Flow Tech)
    Breathable Mesh Lining
    (Air-Flow Tech)
    Impact Absorbing Insole (Antimicrobial)
    Impact Absorbing Insole
    Flexible Full-Grain Leather With Beautiful Suede
    LWG Certified Full-Grain &
    Beautiful Suede Leather
    Flexible & Premium YKK Zipper (Outside Foot)
    Premium & Durable
    YKK Zipper
    Handcrafted In North America
    Handcrafted In
    North America

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