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Named One of the Top Startups to Watch

Each year, Wisconsin Inno hits the pause button on the daily startup news grind to look ahead at the companies poised to make headlines in the year to come.

On our annual Startups to Watch list, we outline a handful of Wisconsin startup companies that we feel could make big moves in the next year, whether that's raising sizable funding rounds, making acquisitions, accomplishing fast growth or simply continuing work on challenging problems. From Madison to Milwaukee and beyond, there are plenty of early-stage Wisconsin startups on the rise...


See the Wisconsin Inno list here...

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Careers & Cocktails says cheers to Xena Workwear

Podcast Interview with Ana Kraft

Renee Frey from Careers & Cocktails chats with Anastasia Kraft the Founder and CEO of Xena Workwear in this fun podcast

upside fm logo podcast with Ana Kraft is a podcast that covers promising startups outside of silicon valley. In this episode, they interview our very own Anastasia Kraft!