podcast with Ana Kraft is a podcast that covers promising startups outside of silicon valley. In this episode, they interview our very own Anastasia Kraft and learn a thing or two about Xena Workwear! Listen to the full UP070 podcast episode on one of these channels:

Covered topics:
- Growing up abroad and moving to America (8:00)
- Experience at Caterpillar and consulting (14:49)
- Inspiration for Xena Workwear (17:58)
- Designing a shoe (20:49)
- Decision to start a company (21:58)
- Safety apparel standards and certifications (24:20)
- Manufacturing process (27:29)
- Xena's team (31:23)
- Direct-to-consumer vs. b2b strategies (34:19)
- Unequal standards in women's vs. men's safety apparel (39:53)