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Xena Workwear team is taking steps toward Sustainability

Steps Toward Sustainability

Our Xena Workwear team strives to become more sustainable with every decision. With your support we want to create the most empowering, functional, versatile, and sustainable workwear on the planet. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are committed to doing the right thing:

Responsible Materials
It’s not easy to find materials that meet our high expectations for durability, function, comfort, and eco-friendliness. This pursuit of perfection is important even though it takes time to find responsible suppliers who have what we’re looking for and do the right thing. Our leather is sourced from LWG (Leather Working Group) Certified tanneries that ensure their treatment of leather does not impact local waterways. While our vegan boots feature a durable and high-performance material that does not include any animal products.

Versatile Designs
Our goal is to create high quality clothing and footwear that can be worn for many years. We don’t try to chase seasonal fashion trends that would make our designs go out of style. Additionally, we don't believe that functional workwear should just be confined to the workplace. Our designs are intentionally versatile. We want you to maximize your investment in Xenas and have the freedom to go from work to life to everywhere in between.

Extended Longevity
In an effort to not let any of our beautiful shoes go to waste we have launched our Weathered Collection that looks to find all Xenas a cozy home. This collection features models with gentle imperfections that have been carefully inspected to meet our high quality standards.

The Right People
We can’t begin to care about the planet without having the right people with the right mindset. We work with companies who value their employees. Our footwear manufacturer in Mexico is one of the best employers in town because they pay higher wages and treat their employees like family. Our work apparel manufacturer in Chicago is a women-owned business that employs women who use the best tools and technology to craft our beautiful utility blazers. We are currently onboarding a wonderful women-owned fair trade company in India that pays their women 5x more than the industry average to help send their kids to school.

Ana visiting our Shoe Manufacturing Partner in Mexico

And this is just the beginning. We may not yet be perfect, but promise to become a more sustainable company that empowers women every step of the way.

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