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Science Sleuth

Science Sleuth

Jill Trent is a freelance scientist and consultant who helps everyone from doctors to artists to top-secret government agents. Throughout her career she’s been the mastermind behind inventions such as infrared lenses, magnifying lenses, and gas detectors to prevent deadly leaks among other things.  

Her inspiration: to make the world a better place, one invention at a time. Instead of wishing things were better, she goes one step further. She makes things better through action. 

Like many women in STEM, her job often extends beyond what is expected of her. To do a great job, she emphasizes how important it is to be hands-on and on the scene whenever she can.


The Beginning

It’s difficult to say where Jill got her start, and she was wary in elaborating on it. From what we gathered, her Uncle Ned used to run a uranium mine operation, where Jill learned the basics. From there, Jill went to college, where she excelled in all of her courses.

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“That part is not important,” she elaborated. One thing she did emphasize: she would be nowhere without her lab partner Daisy Smythe. 

When things went south, they used to be able to go undercover as…themselves. Many of the men in the room simply did not take Jill and Daisy seriously, which allowed Jill to hide her superpowers in clear sight.


Grey Area

While all of Jill's inventions have good intentions, some of them are repurposed by others for nefarious reasons. Many have experienced this, but because Jill is on the scene more than the average scientist, she can combat these instances head-on.

Her infrared magnifying glasses, for example, were used at a bank heist when Daisy accidentally left them at a party. Rather than reporting this incident to the police, she rolled-up her sleeves and confronted the robbers during their heist to take her glasses back.


Jill Trent the fictional superhero


Jill Trent: Science Sleuth

You may have figured it out, but we're featuring a fictional badass for our April Fool's day post. Curious on who Jill is? You can find her in Wonder Comics #8-20, by purchasing the rereleases from 2013 (if you can find them), or by simply typing Jill Trent: Science Sleuth into your search engine.

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