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OILWOMAN Magazine features Ana Kraft

Rebecca Ponton from OILWOMAN Magazine published a feature on Ana Kraft and Xena Workwear titled "Krafting Workwear for Women Warriors." Find out how the name of the company came to be, what inspires Ana to develop new products, and what her goals are for the future of Xena Workwear.

Read the full article here...

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ANVL Innovation of Work

ANVL Innovation of Work Podcast features Ana Kraft

ANVL Innovation of Work podcast talks with Ana Kraft about a range of issues facing Xena Workwear and women in STEM and the trades.    

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Top Fashion Companies in Wisconsin

Levi Keswick added Xena Workwear to their 2021 list of top Fashion Companies in Wisconsin. Xena Workwear sits among some truly amazing brands like Spanx and Duluth Trading Co.See the full list from...