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Jennifer Holmes

Making Real Estate Personal

Jennifer Holmes is a real estate Advisor with Engel & Völkers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Her passion isn't just driven by the opportunity to help people buy or sell homes, but by going beyond to help build community.  Working closely with her clients she develops relationships as they navigate the often-difficult path of finding a place to call home. Jennifer starts the process by understanding what is driving a potential homeowner to want to move. She learns about their hobbies, interests, daily routines, design tastes, functionality must haves. Jennifer then spends time to ensure that her clients are knowledgeable about the buying process before even beginning to tour homes.

“There's always some type of catalyst for purchasing a home. Finding out what their motivation is means taking the time to get to know them and what it is they're looking for.”

Many of her clients come by way of referrals from the relationships she's curated professionally with past clients. Jennifer approaches real estate with the unique perspective that it is a business centered around people and that relationships are key.  The process of acquiring a new property or selling one could take months and she feels it is integral to have a great relationship with her clients to help reach their goals. Being selective with clients allowed Jennifer to form more meaningful personal connections that have helped to write her success story.

The Inner Struggle

Growing up in Long Beach, California, well before the area became glamorous; Jennifer was a big fan of the local real estate show that would air each Saturday after Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.  It featured luxury homes with arched doorways, mature trees, and beautiful Spanish style architecture.

These homes were being sold close to where Jennifer lived geographically, but it felt like they were located worlds apart. She was hooked, wishing to get into the real estate industry, though not exactly sure how.

During her senior year of High School, Jennifer moved from California to Ohio due to a job relocation for one of her parents.  This first-hand experience of going through a long-distance move along with having her new home built was invaluable, it taught Jennifer how to help relocation clients get integrated into their new communities.

Jennifer Holmes is a Real Estate advisor with Engel & Völkers

Independent Woman

In her early twenties, Jennifer began taking real estate classes. Unfortunately, the market really slowed down and being a single mom, she decided it was best to put her real estate dreams on hold in favor of more stable employment. She accepted an administrative position at a boutique real estate firm, but that only solidified her strong desire to eventually become a Realtor.

That's when Jennifer met her husband who lived in Texas and started to get ready to make another cross-country move. As they worked to blend the families, they began to frequently talk about plans for the future. Her husband had aspirations of becoming an independent barber. Their goals of pursuing personal career paths aligned and they made a commitment to encourage and support each other every step of the way. Though they planned and strategized, the road to success was anything but straightforward.

“We started with a significant amount of money saved, but over time began to see the numbers and realize that we would have to dip into savings. We would think ‘okay, do I go back to work, do something part time, or what?’ We have four children, so we can't be irresponsible. Most people give up right before they get to the top and just quit. We agreed that we would bet on ourselves.”

Staying the course proved to be the right decision. Jennifer became a realtor and ultimately found professional success by partnering with her clients to realize their unique real estate goals. Today, she enjoys having control over her life and is able to be there for the moments that matter most. 

“Almost every night, we eat dinner together as a family. It’s my favorite part of the day. I think that's successful—being able to have the freedom to make my own schedule. For the most part, I'm free to do the things that I want to do, and I have the means to do it.”

Jennifer Holmes and her Family

Don't Rest on Your Success

The real estate industry can be particularly volatile where the market can fluctuate wildly. However, people will always have a need to find a home regardless of conditions. That's why it is so important to keep expanding your knowledge on how to locate and connect with new clients. 

"Take as much advice as you can get and be a student of anything that you want to do. My dad always taught me that “if you don’t ask the question, then the answer is already ‘No’.” Most of the time, people are willing to help and if somebody says no, you had a 50/50 shot anyway.”

Jennifer continues to take courses and read books that help her develop new skills. She recently learned how to better study the market in order to effectively reach prospective clients on social media. This helps her engage potential homeowners on a more personal level, building long-term relationships that generate trusted referrals. You can follow Jennifer's real estate journey in the links below: 

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