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CEO of UPS, Carol Tomé, rocking her Xena Workwear Safety Shoes

Deliver What Matters

When you start a company, you’ll experience lots of challenges. But occasionally, there's an uplifting moment that blows you away. Seeing your first prototype, reading a touching customer review, or simply getting noticed for your efforts. We recently felt such a moment after getting a shout-out from one of the most prominent leaders in the world, Carol B. Tomé. 

“Thank you Ana for the awesome Xena Workwear boots. They are fantastic – so comfortable and so good looking. All of us at UPS appreciate working with you to #deliverwhatmatters for you and your customers.” –Carol B. Tomé, CEO of UPS

As CEO of UPS, Carol is #11 on The World’s Most Powerful Women List and even has her own Wikipedia page. She is a hands-on-leader whose authenticity and merit embodies the spirit of women's empowerment. Carol reminds everyone at UPS that what they do moves the world forward by helping both large and small businesses like Xena to deliver what matters. In fact, the amazing folks at UPS featured our Xena Workwear story and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Xena Workwear Gives Customers 3-Month for Returns and Exchanges

Our team believes that making well-fitting PPE for women matters and are thankful to work with such a reliable partner as UPS. We’re confident in their ability to deliver your beautiful Xenas during these exciting (and crazy!) holidays.

To further relieve some of that stress for our hardworking customers, we’ve extended our Exchange & Return window so that the end of the year is a bit less hectic. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season ❄️

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