XenasAtWork Photo Challenge

We have built a community of strong women who work in unique environments in mostly male-dominated fields. It takes a lot of courage and determination to take these uncommon career paths. Women and young girls need to see what's possible. We want to make STEM and the Trades fields more inclusive and can make it happen with your help. Follow these simple steps to share a photo of yourself wearing Xenas at work to help empower other women to be the badasses that they are!

[STEP 1]  Enter challenge by posting an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter photo of you wearing Xenas at work with the hashtag #xenasatwork

[STEP 2]  We'll ask our Xena Moves facebook group to vote for the best post at the end of the month. Each month's winner will get an awesome gift 🎁

XenasAtWork Hashtag


We'll be sending Sarah a $100 Xena gift card for her awesome photo 🤩

I’m a Senior Process Engineer with CoorsTek. I’m a six sigma black belt. I’m an art school drop out. I have a double BS in Physics & Photojournalism, and an MS in Materials Science & Engineering.

I gave birth to Patience Joy on April 23, 2021, 2 days after my 42nd birthday. That makes us a family of 4 (my son is 2). We love to go hiking and camping in lovely Colorado where we live. During the pandemic, I’ve also been working on my cheesemaking, and will be taking my first course in botanical illustration.

I totally love your shoes and company. I’ve been working in some intense industrial sectors for a good part of my career (powdered activated carbon manufacturing, power generation, technical ceramics for aerospace and medical applications), and the lack of women’s workwear is a problem.”

–Sarah H.