Xena Workwear women wearing gravity steel-toe shoes

our story

Born in Kazakhstan. Raised in Germany. Living in America.

"My incredible journey gave me a unique opportunity to work with extraordinary women in STEM across the globe. I realized that despite our vast cultural differences we share a strong belief in that while professional women have made great strides, we still have many challenges to overcome. 

I started this company out of my own frustration, working in a manufacturing environment where the only options were bulky, manly work boots. What you wear has a major impact on your self-confidence, which in turn impacts a number of other job-related factors, including performance, promotability, and long-term career success.

I knew that a more versatile category of workwear was needed and decided to shake-up the stagnant industry of manufacturers who did not understand or care about our needs. For over two years I dedicated myself to shoe-craft, going through the rigorous development and testing process.  Now as an official ASTM Committee Board Member. I promise to capture women’s needs and help shape the future of Safety and Footwear regulations so they can meet OUR needs.

Looking at where we stand today, I couldn’t be happier, or more optimistic that we can make a difference. I invite you to join me on this journey of building a community of female leaders who inspire the next generation of girls."

Anastasia Kraft - Founder